2 Free Legal Masterclass Sessions on SGOs and Writing Court Reports.

Would you benefit in attending free legal master class on:

Session 1: Strengthening Special Guardianship Orders and Writing Robust Court Reports.

Then come and join me on 11 November 2019 in London.

The use of Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) has grown rapidly. The challenge is that social workers often do not have enough time to carry out thorough assessments ahead of the final hearings given the revised PLO’s statutory timescales. This workshop will provide insights on how to deal with the challenges involved with SGOs in care proceedings, exploring:

  • What are the consequences in court proceedings of delays in carrying out assessments of SGO placements?
  • Are SGOs a realistic permanence option for all looked-after children?
  • The role of supervision orders in SGO placements
  • How to deal with the challenges and barriers of carrying out SGO assessments within the 26-week time limit
    Session 2: Presenting robust evidence in court
    An increase in court proceedings means there is a greater risk of social care professions whether from adults’ or children’s services, having their evidence examined in court. Attend this session to learn how robust evidence can help to make you an impressive witness in court, and understand:

  • What constitutes robust evidence
  • The importance of court documents that can withstand cross-examination
  • How strong evidence can help you be an impressive witness
  • The court’s expectation of the report writer

Register by clicking here  for for both sessions. Attendance will assist you to gain a better understanding,  develop your skills and become more confidence in court.



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