• The law is constantly changing so unleash the full potential of your teams, as ignorance of the law is no defence but up to date training is your armour.
  • We provide innovative training solutions for social workers, foster carers, adoption and fostering panel members and multi agency professionals across the country.

Our training is:

  • Innovative and effective
  • Practical and engaging
  • Cost effective
  • Delivered by practising experts in their field

Kingsley Knight’s best selling courses:

For social care professionals

  1. How to survive the witness box, enhance court skills and giving evidence
  2. Court report and statement writing
  3. Law for social care professionals
  4. Public Law Outline, how to meet the 26 week deadline

For foster carers and fostering and adoption agencies

  1. Legal update for panel members
  2. A child’s journey in care and the role of foster carers
  3. Recording and reporting skills for foster carers
  4. Managing allegations in foster care

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We can educate, stimulate and support your teams in their knowledge of the law and its application in everyday practice.

Make your teams the best, with innovative, effective and bespoke legal training.

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