Free Court Skills Webinar

Did you miss our free webinar on court skills.

The webinar was delivered to enhance participants’ skills, knowledge and confidence in presenting evidence at court. It also explained courts’ expectations, etiquette and processes. The overall aim of the training was to support participants to be robust and confident witnesses.

During the webinar, I shared tips to help social care professionals to feel more confident when attending court. The webinar also provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions on situations that you find difficult in court.

It also covered:

•simple things social workers can do to be more prepared for court processes;
•common ‘mistakes’ that practitioners can make and how to avoid them;
•how to respond to typical lines of cross examination.

Do not worry if you missed it, if you are registered as a Community Care Inform subscriber you can get even more helpful tips by viewing the Survival Guide on appearing in court. For further information please click here.



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