Managing aggressive or resistant behaviour

Do you or your teams face aggressive, resistance or disguised non compliance? Are there challenges with engaging hostile, evasive and intimidating clients, families or service users.

Our training focuses on equipping you and your staff in an effective and stimulating way with the principles of keeping safe while maintaining your statutory duty.

This training will provide the necessary range of practical skill and models to assist you in your daily practice. It can result in a reduction in challenging behaviour, and where necessary, the need to engage in physical interventions.

What will the course cover?

  • What is challenging behaviour?
  • Stages of emotional arousal
  • Principles of positive behaviour support
  • Importance of communication and body language
  • Legal and procedural context
  • Post incident issues

Who should attend?

This training course will be of assistance to any professionals, whether newly qualified or experience who can face clients, service users or families who may present in a difficult or dangerous way.

Why join this course?

Our training increases the safety and well being of your staff, it raises confidence in engagement where hostility or challenging behaviour is present. This course will help to reduce incidents and number of interventions involving your staff and service.

Remember: the law is constantly changing; ignorance of the law is no defence but training results in success.

Booking information:

Please contact us for the latest information about this course.

Want it in-house?

We can deliver our training courses in-house – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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