Courtroom Skills – How to survive the witness box

Click here for booking formImprove your court skills and increase your confidence in providing robust evidence in court by attending this interactive training course.

Does the mere thought of going to court make you nervous or fearful? Do these concerns sound familiar? You don’t know:

  • what may be expected of you,
  • what to say, or when to say it,
  • who else will be at court,
  • how to address the judges,
  • court etiquette, formality or protocol,
  • what is appropriate to wear.

All these and many more of your questions, including how to deal with nerves and body language when faced with having to go to court will be answered at this essential training.

Enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence in presenting at court, understanding court’s expectations, etiquette and protocols.

Best Sellers TrainingWhat does the training cover?
  • Legal terminology at court.
  • Court structure, orders and hearings.
  • How to address the judge.
  • Role of court professionals.
  • Your duties to the court.
  • Rules of evidence.
  • How to present robust evidence.
  • How to deal with cross examination.
  • How to deal with nerves and body language.
Who should attend?

Social care professionals, ISWs, Guardians, managers, health & educational professionals, and managers. This training is suitable for anyone who may have to go to court, either as a witness or to support the child, foster carer or vulnerable adults.

Booking details:

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