Writing Robust Court Reports and Statements

An increase in court proceedings means there is a greater risk of social care professionals, whether from adults or children’s services, being required to provide evidence in court proceedings This training will assist in developing skills in writing robust court reports and or statements and be a more confident witness in court


  • What constitutes robust evidence;
  • the need for relevant and significant evidence;
  • understand the need to distinguish between fact, opinion and hearsay;
  • understand the importance of language and analysis;
  • the importance of court documents that can withstand cross-examination;
  • how strong evidence can help you be an impressive witness;
  • the court’s expectation of the report writer.

Anyone who may be required to write a court report or statement, social care professionals, ISWs, Guardians, managers, health & educational professionals, and managers.

We can deliver the training virtually for face to face

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