Working with Aggression and Resistance in Families

Do you or your teams face aggressive, resistance or disguised non compliance?

Do you encounter challenges with engaging hostile, evasive and intimidating service users, families or service users or clients?

The 2 day programme includes a practical mock role play which provides an interactive and immersive experience to support the development of the practitioner’s skills.

Our training focuses on equipping you and your staff in an effective and stimulating way with the principles of keeping safe while maintaining your statutory duty.

This training will provide the necessary range of practical skills and models to assist you in daily practice. It can result in a reduction in challenging behaviour, and building professional emotional resilience.

What the training will cover

The aim of the course is:

  • To enable participants to develop a range of skills and processes necessary when working with challenging service users and family members,
  • To enable participants to acquire skills to manage and diffuse highly charged, difficult and possibly at times dangerous situations.
  • To enable participants to achieve successful outcomes when faced with aggressive, evasive and resistant behaviours in service users and family members


By the end of the course the participants should be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by aggressive and resistant behaviour,
  • Understand the causes and consequences of aggressive and resistant behaviour,
  • Understand what can help or hinder staff support in challenging situations,
  • Consider the messages from Serious Case Reviews which inform good practice,
  • Explore the impact of one’s own value-base and behaviour when faced with threatening situations
  • Identify and demonstrate appropriate and effective actions to enable keeping the focus on children and/or vulnerable adults whilst ensuring that the practitioner’s own personal safety is protected from possibly violent and aggressive incidents
  • Use of practical techniques and models of communication skills when dealing with aggressive, evasive or resistant or non engaging or superficial or disguised compliance by service users/family members or clients,
  • Understand to importance of reflection, critical thinking and evidence based practice,
  • Explore how practitioners can deal with stress/challenges and build emotional resilience.

Why join this course?

Our training increases the safety and well being of your staff, it raises confidence in engagement where hostility or challenging behaviour is present. This course will help to reduce incidents and number of interventions involving your staff and service.

Booking information:

We can deliver this training virtually or face to face.

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