Mock Court Room Training

Would you benefit from legal training on

Presenting robust evidence in court

Learn how robust evidence can help to make you an impressive witness in court.

Does the mere thought of going to court make you fearful because:

  • you do not know what may be expected of you,
  • you may not know what to say or when to say it,
  • you may not know who else will be at court,
  • you may not know how to address the Judges,
  • you may not know what the court etiquette, formality or protocol is. Or even simply
  • what not to wear

This essential training will answer all these and many more of your questions.

Attendance at this training will prepare you so that you can approach the court with confidence and present evidence effectively and robustly.


To recreate a courtroom setting, provide participants with an immersive experience of being questioned in court, responding to difficult and challenging questions resulting in the presentation of oral evidence.

The overall aim of the training is to support participants in attending court as robust and confident witnesses.

  • This training is advanced to the training on Court Skills Level 1. This training. It is for participants who want to enhance their courtroom skills in giving evidence in court.
  • To prepare participants to survive cross examination within a mock courtroom 
  • The training will demonstrate the different styles that the participants can experience when being cross examined and be guided of how to respond with confidence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of robust evidence and how it assists in Court
  •  Develop skills in the key points of presenting evidence clearly and credibly.
  • Understand the practical strategies in presenting evidence in a mock court room environment.
  • Understand the nature and purpose of cross examination and develop an understanding of the skills needed in presenting credible evidence, including under cross-examination.
  • Understand how to deal with body language and present as a robust and impressive LA witness.
  • Gain confidence in the presentation of evidence and experience cross examination in a mock court room setting.
  • Gain an understanding of how to answer difficult questions in court.
  • Identify potential dilemmas and challenges for social workers when undertaking court work.
  • Understand ways to access support before, during and after court hearings.

Programme Itinerary:

Day 1 – preparation for courtDay 2 – mock court room trial
• Court’s expectations of the witness
• Preparation of robust written court reports or statements
• Challenges in relation to court work and what support is available
• Preparation for the mock court room trial.

During the mock court scenario, each participant will be given the opportunity to give evidence in chief and be cross examined in the witness box by a lawyer.
After each session, constructive feedback will be given in relation to:
• Body language,
• Dealing with nerves
• “What not to say” and
• How to improve skills to become an impressive witness.
• Review questions and feedback

Who should attend:

  • Social Care professionals
  • Health care professionals
  • Anyone who is required to attend the Coroner’s Court
  • Any charities/organisations or professionals supporting family members

Booking information:

Please contact us if you are interested in this course or other training.

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