Transparency in the Family Court part 2

The aim of the pilot is to introduce a presumption that legal bloggers and accredited media may report on what they see and hear during family court cases, subject to strict rules of anonymity. “Openness and confidentiality are not irreconcilable, and each is achievable. The aim is to enhance public… Continue reading

Legal update on Liberty Protection Safeguards – implementation is further delayed.

April 2023 The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) form part of the Mental Capacity Act, introduced in 2009 to protect the rights of people who lack capacity to consent to their arrangements which could amount to a deprivation of their liberty. Why the change from DoLS to Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)… Continue reading

Remote Court Hearings – part 2-what should I do?

Remote Hearings-the important part: what should I do Remote Hearings During the Covid-19 pandemic, all effective hearings were held remotely by telephone or video conferencing with the court’s permission. No formal application for a remote hearing was required.  Since the ending of the lock down conditions set during the pandemic,… Continue reading

Remote Court Hearings During COVID 19 Pandemic- part 1

These are unprecedented times, there has been a need for all of us  to adapt to the changing landscape we find ourselves in. This has been equally applicable to the Family Court and the Court of Protection, both changing to accommodate remote hearings relating to children and vulnerable adults. The… Continue reading