Transparency in the Family Court part 2

The aim of the pilot is to introduce a presumption that legal bloggers and accredited media may report on what they see and hear during family court cases, subject to strict rules of anonymity. “Openness and confidentiality are not irreconcilable, and each is achievable. The aim is to enhance public… Continue reading

Transparency in the Family Courts part 1

January 2024 There has been a longstanding call for greater transparency in the Family Court. Greater openness and public scrutiny enables an increase in the confidence in the Family Court and decisions made in family proceedings. Steps towards transparency. Since 2009 accredited reporters and more recently legal bloggers have been… Continue reading

To complain or not to complain Part 1

Good practice guidance relating to complaints made against Children Services.  In a recent training session, I was requested to clarify what happens if someone wants to complain against a decision made by children social care services. So this legal blog is about the complaints process. This legal blog is intended… Continue reading

Grab a coffee with the PLO update

Helpful tips on how to achieve the PLO statutory timeframe. The Public Law Outline (PLO) The PLO will be very familiar to those practitioners involved in Public Law Children Act Care Proceedings. For those unfamiliar or new to this area, the PLO provides a template for case management of care… Continue reading

Update on Age Assessments

April 2023 The government has established the National Age Assessment Board to strengthen age assessments of small boat arrivals and make decisions more consistent and robust. Age Assessments Age Assessments are presently undertaken by local authority social workers. They are required if there is a dispute as to whether the… Continue reading

Legal update on Liberty Protection Safeguards – implementation is further delayed.

April 2023 The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) form part of the Mental Capacity Act, introduced in 2009 to protect the rights of people who lack capacity to consent to their arrangements which could amount to a deprivation of their liberty. Why the change from DoLS to Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)… Continue reading

New legislation increases child protection in the arena of forced marriages.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022 received  royal assent  in April 2022 and  came into force on 27 February  2023 This Act increases another needed step towards child protection. It also has the benefits of working towards the world’s target to eliminate child marriages by 2030. Further information on the world’s target can… Continue reading

Keeping Families Together

Supporting families after care proceedings: Supervision Orders and beyond This is the title of the study published by the Department of Education (DFE), published by Professor Judith Harwin and Lancaster University. The study Provides for the first time the views and experiences of parents who have raised their families… Continue reading

Jacqueline Wilson’s book -Baby Love tackles the issue of teen pregnancy in the 1960s

Jacqueline Wilson’s recently published book -Baby Love, tackles the issue of teen pregnancy in the 1960s. It is a good book that helps young people to understand how different life was in those days. It deals with shame, not just on the pregnant teen but also on her family. When… Continue reading

New Publication: The Child’s Legal Journey Through Care

To purchase contact us by email: This comprehensive guide demystifies the law and illustrates the practical application of the law relating to children’s rights, children’s possible routes through care, the legal stages of the private and public law Children Act proceedings and the impact on the child’s legal journey.… Continue reading