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Keeping Families Together

Supporting families after care proceedings: Supervision Orders and beyond This is the title of the study published by the Department of Education (DFE), published by Professor Judith Harwin and Lancaster University. The study https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1064405/Harwin_Report_on_Parental_Perspectives.pdf Provides for the first time the views and experiences of parents who have raised their families… Continue reading

Jacqueline Wilson’s book -Baby Love tackles the issue of teen pregnancy in the 1960s

Jacqueline Wilson’s recently published book -Baby Love, tackles the issue of teen pregnancy in the 1960s. It is a good book that helps young people to understand how different life was in those days. It deals with shame, not just on the pregnant teen but also on her family. When… Continue reading

New Publication: The Child’s Legal Journey Through Care

To purchase contact us by email: info@kingsleyknight.co.uk This comprehensive guide demystifies the law and illustrates the practical application of the law relating to children’s rights, children’s possible routes through care, the legal stages of the private and public law Children Act proceedings and the impact on the child’s legal journey.… Continue reading

Remote Court Hearings during COVID 19 pandemic – part 2- what should I do?

Remote Hearings-the important part: what should I do Remote Hearings During this pandemic crisis, all effective hearing, with the court’s permission are to be held remotely either by telephone phone or video conferencing. No formal application for a remote hearing is required. Prior to the Hearing: Be prepared If you… Continue reading

Remote Court Hearings During COVID 19 Pandemic- part 1

These are unprecedented times, there has been a need for all of us  to adapt to the changing landscape we find ourselves in. This has been equally applicable to the Family Court and the Court of Protection, both changing to accommodate remote hearings relating to children and vulnerable adults. The… Continue reading

Legal briefing on the long awaited guidance on Special Guardianships


Positive changes for those involved in undertaking Special Guardianship Orders (SGO) or connected kinship assessments. This legal briefing outlines the changes introduced by the Interim Guidance issued by the Family Justice Council and the interim report of the public working group. Interim Guidance on SGOs In May 2019, The Family… Continue reading

Judge criticises social worker for poor case records

A recent case highlights the importance of social work case records, in which the Judge advised the local authority to undertake training in gathering, preserving and disclosing evidence. Don’t be left vulnerable to the consequences of poor evidence, read the tips provided by Kingsley Knight on the importance of contemporaneous… Continue reading

SGOs: free training to secure better outcomes in court

The use of special guardianship orders (SGOs) have grown rapidly in recent years. However, the amount of time allowed to carry out thorough and robust assessments is often limited, particularly when the matter is already in court. At times, this has led to very tragic circumstances such as the death… Continue reading